CranSEDS members can work on a variety of extracurricular space-related projects. Some are hands-on practical projects, whereas others are theoretical investigations of potential concepts for future space missions. If you’re a Cranfield student with an idea for a cool space-related project that you want to do, please get in touch!


This academic year CranSEDS members worked on three exciting competitions and hosted one conference. Check them out! The technical reports can be found here.

The First CranSEDS Space Policy Day

CranSEDS held a forum to bring together space industry delegates and students through presentations and a workshop to discuss issues surrounding space policy and law.  The conference saw views from the directors of space policy institutes, ESA and various space companies both local and international. More information can be found here! 

Lunar Rover Competition

The goal of this UKSEDS competition is to design, build and operate a lunar rover that will navigate to a crater, collect a sample, and travel back to its lander. The Exploratory Rover for Navigation and Extraction of Sample reTrieval (ERNEST) was developed and completed a mission of a remote-controlled sample retrieval at RAL Space’s Mars Yard.

SSPI Satellite Design Competition

This UKSEDS – SSPI (Society for Satellite Professionals International) competition involves designing a small communications satellite capable of delivering 50 Mbps of data connectivity from LEO to small antennas on the ground without exceeding a weight limit of 150 kilograms. The final design (named Hermes for its message delivering capabilities) provides global data coverage using a constellation of small satellites.

National Rocketry Competition

r_mcr_smallA UKSEDS classic! Our Rocket Team will design, build and launch the absolute best rocket and reach the greatest apogee possible.


So far this academic year we have two projects underway. A few other suggested projects are being looked at, so keep an eye out for more news on those here.

National Rocketry Championship

r_mcr_smallThe goal of the competition this year is the same as last year: to design and build a rocket that can fly as high as possible using one of a specified set of mid-power hobby rocket motors. Our rocket, Rockety McRocketface, will also carry a basic suite of MEMS sensors and a GPS tracker.

Gemini Mars Design Competition

logo_gem_2The Gemini Mars Design Competition is an international student competition run by the Mars Society. The goal is to design a mission to fly a crew of two past Mars and return them safely to Earth, with the mission launching before 2024. See Team Cranspace’s page for more about our design.


Project Dragonfly

CranSEDS Dragonfly spacecraft

Project Dragonfly was a student competition run by the Institute for Interstellar Studies, with the goal of carrying out a feasibility study of an interstellar mission conducted by small spacecraft propelled by laser sails. The CranSEDS team finished the competition in second place.

National Rocketry Championship

CranSEDS 2014-15 rocketCranSEDS members built a rocket to enter into the second UKSEDS National Rocketry Championship, with the aim of flying as high as possible using a specified mid-power hobby rocket motor.