Space Policy Day

March 31, 2017


From the launch of Sputnik 1 in the 1950s, questions about legal matters and jurisdiction in space began to arise.

The following decade saw the Outer Space Treaty enshrine the values of peaceful cooperation, and now has 105 signatories who pledge to, among other things, prevent the militarisation of space, reject sovereignty claims on any region or body in space and ensure that the continued exploration of space is to the benefit of all mankind.

The CranSEDS Space Policy Day invites you to join a discussion to assess the progression of space-related law and policies since the dawn of the Space Age and its impacts on countries and companies. Speakers from the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) and London Institute of Space Policy and Law (ISPL) will provide an insight into the background and current state of space policy, and industry speakers will describe the impacts on their respective companies.


Many of us are engineers, science and technology students who are not very familiar with space law and policy.

We hope that the CranSEDS Space Policy Day will promote a deeper understanding of the various technical, legal and ethical issues involved in space missions, which some attendees will be able to use in their future careers!

Topics our speakers will address include:

  • Space Governance
  • Space Security
  • Space Traffic
  • Space Tourism
  • Space Mining
  • Space Ownership
  • Space Debris
  • Space Treaties and current law issues

The first part of the day will involve conference-style speeches. Following these sessions, attendees are encouraged to participate in workshops, in which current space policy issues raised in the talks will be discussed, and potential measures and solutions brainstormed.
These will then be presented to the whole group.

A buffet lunch will be provided.





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